“I’m not lazy, I’m just very relaxed.” ~Anonymous

Yesterday I walked miles all over Paris, practically melting in the sweltering heat. Heatwave aside, it was glorious! All the walking and people watching and genuine happiness that I feel coming back into my body. But today is a day of doing nothing. It started out with lighting a candle, a few grounding deep breaths, and a mediation. Madame de Pompadour, the toy poodle, threw her toys around wildly before settling comfortably on the couch; I took my place on the opposite end, legs tucked under all cozy and relaxed. With the windows open and the sound of a light breeze, I enjoyed a cuppa tea and watched the birds twitter and tweet at the feeder. The light bounced around on the leaves of the trees and I stayed in this kind of dreamy state through the entirety of two albums: Melody Gardot and Nina Simone.

My only real to-do today is a trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients for making a vegetarian cassoulet. Perhaps it’s more of a cool weather dish, but any excuse to practice for the next season, my favorite season, is good enough for me! So for the next few hours I will linger inside with my daydreams, music, and tea. Today is filled with the kind of magic stillness that my highly-sensitive spirit craves.

Aujourd’hui is a good day.

My altar space


Dogs just wanna have fun.


Why hello there little bird!


Tea. Is. Everything.


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