“My yesterdays have prepared me.”
~Hazelden Meditation Series

I am ever grateful for the many fresh starts life generously provides, bringing with each new awakening, the clarity to identify the clues and to drink the life extending elixirs hidden in plain sight. I see them, now that so much has fallen away. My 2016 was a year of abrupt endings and sad goodbyes; the kind of endings that change everything, fundamentally.

I have become more aloof; my yesterdays held too long in captivity by outside influence and pollution. I wear an unforthcoming expression, preferring to stay sound, keeping sacred the tokens that prepare me for my tomorrows. But I am stronger and purer in essence as a result. I contain pieces of myself tightly within, no longer giving them away unrestrained. These pieces I shield make up the nourishing soil of my inner garden, so easily trampled upon when lacking in boundaries and discernment.

This personal distance keeps me unfettered. In my remote healing sanctuary nature reveals her wisdom, planting seeds of insight and sometimes, radical new beginnings. Within the walls of this secret garden I am uninhibited and connected. I stand barefoot and grounded, sprinkled in the purple stardust of my origins, and blossoming in the sensuality of the Divine Feminine. Her flowers are my familiars, my medicine, my native wild. And I reside within them.

Hello, 2017.

A Tea Ceremony for the New Year






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