Womb Wholeness: In the Moontime

Something amazing happened today. I awoke to my moontime without cramps. And come to think of it, the days leading up to my cycle have been relaxed and blissful. What happened? How could this be? This is new!

For many women premenstrual syndrome is serious business. From the age of twelve onward I have endured much imbalance around my moon cycles. Not just emotional upheaval, but often extremely painful and heavy periods. At its worst I’d be on hands and knees rocking back and forth, my body going into shock-like symptoms with hot and cold flashes and vomiting, and then with total exhaustion, collapse into a deep sleep to recover from the ordeal.

The days leading up to my moontime can be an emotional roller coaster of buried issues rising up to the surface, spilling over with tears, fatigue and moodiness.  This week, however, I experienced none of that. I felt slightly sleepy yesterday afternoon, but it was a relaxed and satisfied kind of feeling. And I felt a very mild pressure of light cramping, but nothing at all full-blown; there was no pain, only a little signal from my body announcing that the beginning of my cycle was near.


Could it be the flower essences? Could it be the herbs from the garden steeped in hot water and enjoyed as a delicious tea? Perhaps guilt-free solitude, personal space, and boundaries? Or maybe taking time to honor my creative talents? Or possibly choosing inner peace, quiet, mindfulness, and selectivity over empty distractions? Could it be because I have removed myself from emotional stuff that is not mine to deal with in the first place? Could this be what health and wholeness tastes like?

Unapologetically, yes.

“Still, far too often girls are given the message that
their bodies, their lives, and their femaleness must be apologized for.
Have you noticed how often women apologize?”
~Christiane Northrup, M.D.


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